Personal Training

Personal Training in Coppell, TX

It takes more than state-of-the-art equipment to reach your fitness goals. You have to exercise regularly and make each exercise session count. I will help you develop the incentive to stick to your exercise plan.


Don’t have time to exercise? Meet me at The CORE in Coppell or my in-home studio or if you are 50 or older the Coppell Senior Center is an option.


My expertise enables me to customize an exercise program, making it specific to your goals. Plus, I will teach you correct form, which will maximize efficiency and minimize the chance of injury.

The following is included in your first paid session:
  • Health Assessment
  • Setting Goals

Individual Session Prices

1 – 1/2 hour session $30
1 – 1 hour session $60

Package Prices

4 – 1 hour sessions or 8 – 1/2 hour sessions for $220 
8 – 1 hour sessions or 16 – 1/2 hour sessions for $400

Note: Sessions purchase from me only are valid with me at my in-home studio and not valid at any other location.

For more information about personal training and the health benefits, please visit some of these pages: Personal Training FAQ, Benefits of Exercise.